Do the drapes match the carpet ?

Today I will answer the ONE question that has been intriguing men since the beginning of time. Yes, THE question, the one that all red haired women have had to answer to at least once in their lives.

3a8eca63fd513be6bcad2c1ae481254d“Do the drapes match the carpet?” That’s right. This is what you, men, think is a respectable thing to ask, as if you were a gynecologist asking us when we had our last periods. In your head you’re probably thinking: “Yeah I think I should ask her about her pubes”. Because we are ginger this question should not be embarrassing? Yes, sure, after all, why would such an intimate topic make us uncomfortable? Hopefully, with a clear and precise answer through this article your (way out of line) curiosity will be satisfied and these uncomfortable situations will be avoided in the future.

2013-03-18-214_CarpetMatchTheDrapesGentlemen, read carefully, this is your lucky day. Finally we will reveal the greatest mystery of times: YES, once and for all, we are ginger everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. It is official, our pubes are red! How craycray right? But wait a minute, maybe it’s because we are red haired? Who knows?

The good news is that you will now be able to tell if you are with a real or a fake ginger in bed. More and more women are dying their hair these days and unless you are an expert (like us), most men could easily fall into the trap of thinking some of these women are true gingers. Now, thanks to pubic hair (who would have thought I would ever write such a sentence?), you will no longer have doubts. And if ever she goes Brazilian on you, hide her razor and wait…

There. You now know everything. I hope this article will have helped to lift the smoke over this mystery and help men opt for nicer, not out of line questions when they’d like to know a bit more about us. For my part this debate is over, and if it is only the first time, it is also the last time I will ever write about pubes. I hope you won’t hold grudges.