The ninth edition of the Redhead Days : a unique experience!

Hello everybody! After asking you on the Alerte Rousse Facebook page what you thought of a ginger gathering like the Redhead Days, your opinions were so mixed that I decided to go there to make clear in MY mind.

As some of you, I was kind of sceptical concerning this event. On one hand, I thought it was fun and unusual and on the other hand, I was concerneded about its secterian side which could have emphasize our difference even more.

breda-03So on last Saturday morning, I made it to Breda, a tiny charming city in Holland and came back to Paris on Sunday, exhausted and a bit disorientated. I was not alone there : M6 (French TV Channel) followed me among other protagonists and my brother helped me filming a short documentary which will be online soon.

In this documentary, you will find gingers from all around the world interviews, images of the world’s largest redhead gathering and of the different activities which took place. I won’t tell you more so you could enjoy to discover it by yourself. I am not an audiovisual communication professionnal, that’s for sure but I have done my best !

Today, It is important for me to share what I really felt during this event. Stress, fatigue and my inexperienced did not let me to express what was really on my mind in front of the camera. I regret it and plan to put it right here.

First of all, you need to know that people who participate to this event are such in a positive mental attitude. They are so warm, smiley and open-minded… They want to have fun, meet people and celebrate their difference they are so proud of. Careful, it is without pretention ! They just enjoy sharing moments with people who went trhough a similar experience.

photo-4Although I would just remember the positive things, the Redhead Day was kind of a revelation for me. Even if, I already knew being ginger could be hard to live with, some stories told during the interviews really hurt me. At one point, I just sat and looked around me. I could see little ginger boys and girls of such surrealistic beauty. And I wonder : how is this possible ? How come other people insult them, hit them or spit on them ? How come the world makes them feel like they are a freak ? photo-4 - copieAnd above all :  why ??? For a hair colour which is nothing else but a precious gift ? At this very moment, I really realised that absolutly nothing could justify this. It has to stop. And if I was already willing to engage myself body and soul in order to make mentalities change, I just am even more ready today.

This article may looks too dramatic but I am just sharing with you my raw emotions.

Whatever happens, I really encourage you all to live this experience at least once in your life.

To be continued…

The video HERE !!!!