Worldwide cliché about gingers

For your entertainment, here is a list of all the stupidest clichés and preconceived ideas ever heard about gingers.

From urban legends, past and present, to sentences and remarks heard here and there, without forgetting real life anecdotes, this article is a proof that humanity is gifted with a very creative imagination, especially when it comes to us gingers. Please do not hesitate to send me anything you could add to the list and in the meantime… Enjoy!

82443487_oDuring the Middle Ages, bumping into a man with ginger hair was a death sign, and superstitious spirits would think he was a werewolf. AHHHOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

People who had tuberculosis had the reputation to have red hair.

Pure science.

Red haired women are temptress sinners and heretics.

OHHH yes, come here, let me tempt you away!

Red haired children were conceived during their mothers’ periods, hence the redness of the hair.

Again, pure science. And not gross at all.

Satanas !

Once said an old little lady in the street, who was apparently a bit scared to cross paths with me. True story.

“Bring anyone as long as they’re not ginger. Or jewish.”

Once said the grandmother of a friend as she was talking to her grand son. Again, true story.

Gingers have a lower resistance to pain than others according to a study published in Journal of American Dental Association, according to an article in The New York Times. Gingers would actually be more resistant to some anesthetics which would explain why they’re more uncomfortable than others in front of the dentist (still, according to the New York Times).

However, a study done in Denmark shows that gingers would have a higher resistance to pain, and more precisely burns. Why? The gene responsible for the production of melanin, that dictates your hair color, would also play on our nervous system (read on

So, what do you guys think? Stronger or weaker? Scientists should make up their minds.

Ginger girls smell in the sun.

Ginger girls smell when it rains.

Choose your pick. One or the other though, I don’t want to stink ALL THE TIME.

Ginger girls have smelly *****

So I don’t smell all the time, but I do smell from EVERYWHERE?

Ginger girls do not grow old, they rust.

Cute ;)

Gingers are witches.

I’d be careful with such allegations if I were you…

Gingers have no soul.

Give me yours then, you’re clearly not using it right.

Gingers are nymphomaniacs.

Better that than a dead weight.