Which colors to wear when you’re a ginger?

There are many tones to red hair: orange, auburn, brown, copper… Our hair colour also changes depending on the light. For example, my hair, which I would say is more of an orange tone, tends to go more towards a copper tone when it’s dark and go bright carrot under the sun.

The point of this article is therefore to give you tips on what to wear depending on your colour. For that purpose I have chosen three different tones of colours: bright orange, auburn and brown.

I think you can find yourself in any of these three tones. At least I hope so.

If you are:

Bright orange to strawberry blonde ginger

80998052_oI would advise you to avoid really bright colours like fluo pink, orange or bright yellow. NO WAY! Why? Because the visual shock would be too much to bear and might trigger epilepsy crisis around you. And who wants that really?

No. You have to play it sober and play with colour contrasts with black, navy blue or dark green. These colours will instantly highlight your skin, your eyes and your hair. White and camel can also work.

Auburn Ginger

81617880_oYour favourite season is, without a doubt, autumn. Therefore my advice is to hibernate all throughout the other three seasons of the year. Aren’t you glad you came to this blog for life advice? I’m obviously kidding! Copper ginger is warm tone and will go really well with warm colours: red, brown, caramel and dark red.

Do not hesitate to try out kaki, rusty and light brown that will suit you really well. And if one day you want to go all out, try out royal blue and viridian green that will help you glow.

Brown ginger

82890148_oThe lucky ones who belong in this category will be glad to hear that ANYTHING suits them! As your red is the darkest of all reds you can allow yourself anything: red, brown, green, blue, purple, white, black and even magenta, fuchsia, and rainbow! Who doesn’t like a good rainbow right?