TUTO : 3 easy ways to do summer hairdos

Well hello my favorite gingers

I am now back with the best hairdos for the summer. Even though they are easy to do and to pull off, I still asked the help of one of my friends who has a fairy fingers, just to make sure the result would be the best. So thank you to my beautiful Alison St Dizier!

1-  Romantic Bandana

You need : a bandana or a scarf

97661388_o-1The bandana print is back in full force this summer and you can use it for anything: shoes, shorts, tops, everything and anything. The more classical options are black, white and red, but my favorite is the blue one because I think it goes well with our hair color.

No need to detail all the steps to this hairdo, as you can see, it is fairly easy! Just pass it around your neck, bring the two end bits together and tie a little bit to the side of your head. Leave your hair down or tie it in a bun, your call. I love it! It’s simple, quick and pretty.

Shopping : Bandana original at Claire’s (4,99 euros)

And in case you were wondering, I do look completely high on this photo, but no I didn’t smoke anything. Now that this is clear we can move on to the rest.

2- Donut Bun

You need : a hair donut and bobby pins

Always classy, and perfect for any situation, the bun is even easier to make with the new accessory: the hair donut. Cheap and easy to use, this little foam bun shaped like an american donut is to be used as support for your hair and adds volume to your bun.

97661684_o1- Pull all hair into a ponytail. Comb the hair of the ponytail so it is free of tangles and easier to work with. I like my ponytails quite high up on my head, but that’s your call.

2-  Pull the ponytail through the hole in the donut. There are different sizes and colors of donuts, just take your pick. For red hair, the brown donut is the best.

3- Lean forward and spread your ponytail evenly around the donut, making sure your hair covers it all.

4- Because it is summer and we don’t really want a serious tight look, we’re not going to use the donut the way we’re supposed to, by rolling the hair inside of the ponytail inside it. Instead, to get a fresh, wavy look, tie your hair around the donut and secure it with bobby pins.

5- Pull some extra hair out, and accessorize with a nice pair of earings, or scarf, or even a headband (maybe not all three at the same time).

Shopping : Donut  H&M (6,99 euros) & Créoles dorées at Forever 21 (1,50 euros)


3 – Headband Bun

You need : a headband and bobby pins

This is my favorite hairdo lately! Are you wearing quite a simple outfit to go out? Not to worry, this hairdo will do the rest.

976619811- Hair that is too straight or too clean will be really hard to secure so maybe wait one day or two before trying this. With a comb split your hair in the middle of your hair or on the side and put on the headband, at the end of the forehead and the root of your hair.

2- There are a few different techniques to make this bun, I have tested many and this is the best one. With this method your bun will not move one inch. Start by pulling your hair into a low ponytail and pull the elastic down a bit.

3- Grab your ponytail, lift it and tuck it inside the headband. The elastic will then be hidden inside the bun.

4- Secure your hair with bobby pins as you tuck it around the headband as you please.

5- Leave some extra hair free around your face.

Shopping : Headband, Les Cerises de Mars, 85 euros http://www.lescerisesdemars.com)