The weird case of Kiesza

Her first single “Hideaway” was top of the charts in the UK. Her video clip has been seen over 40 million times on YouTube. Where does this little lady with an obscure name actually come from and who is she really?

KieszaAt only 25, the young Canadian singer has more to her than a pretty face and beautiful red hair. Having been a ballerina, done her military service or even winning beauty pageants, it seems she’s lived a thousand lives already.

At 3, Kiesza (pronounce Ki-Za) starts her dance lessons until she completely changes paths and joins the Navy with her brother. In between two training sessions she enters the Miss Universe beauty pageant before entering the music world as she gets accepted in the prestigious Berklee College of Music of Boston where she will meet her future producer, Rami Afuni.

As a singer-dancer-writer-interpret, Kiesza is now a fulfilled and renowned artist thanks to her surprising first single which mixes retro and pop influences. “A lot of people in Berklee do not consider that pop is actual music because it is easier to write pop lyrics” she explains to Idolator (mettre la vraie citation en anglais là?) “When I started composing music, I realized by myself that it was a real challenge. It is an art in itself : pop music’s simplicity” she confesses.

Safe to say this Michael Jackson fan has succeeded in impressing us with her first video clip in which the beautiful ginger dances like it’s her last day on earth and takes us on a crazy stroll along Brooklyn’s streets. All we can hope for is that she will not stop entertaining us!