The summer essential for a tanned skin : Vita Liberata

Even if it’s taking its time, summer is coming back, slowly but surely. Hot summer days are pushing you to show off some skin and get shorts, skirts, dresses out of the closet. On paper that sounds great! But…

But the problem is you have legs as white as sheets and that you’d much rather die of heat with your jeans on than actually show any bit of skin. So yes we know we could be proud of our fair milky skin, but we would ALSO like to look summery as well! And actually, many girls, not even ginger, do cheat as well to look more tanned. But they’ll never admit it ;) I say it loud and clear : rather than exposing yourself under the sun for hours, CHEAT! Believe me, at least you’ll avoid having a wrinkly old skin in 20 years. So do expose yourself in little doses just so you can load up on vitamin D. But that’s it. Understood?

Last summer I gave you a bunch of advice on how to beautifully self tan (ARTICLE). This year I want to talk to you about a true discovery, a top notch product that I will be carrying around in my suitcase every summer from now on : The Tinted Self Tan Gel by Vita Liberata.


The brand had already introduced that same product but as a mousse which did not really convinve me at that time, but now as a Gel, I love it! This product is both a tinted gel and a progressive self tanner.

Its benefits :

- it doesn’t have that self-tanner smell. Doesn’t have any smell at all for that matter.

- The application is very easy, as the tan mitt included ensures a fast and easy, streak-free application and natural-looking result

- Rapid development technology speeds up the tanning process for a light sunkissed glow after only an hour

- It dries very quickly and does not transfer, meaning you can wear your clothes straight away and avoid stains.

- The gel develops over one to three or more hours, allowing you to choose your desired depth of tan.

Here’s a series of a few photos proving how good this product is to finish convincing you:



Vita Liberata product


After the first application on the right leg, the result is light but you can still notice the difference.


The next day (and please note here that I have sacrificed a leg for you, being bicolor is not that glamorous)


Application on the other leg


Final result


Shopping :

Tinted Self Tan Gel, Vita Liberata, 28 euros, at Sephora

Tanning mitt, Vita Liberata, 6 euros, at Sephora

And for the ones who would rather get pampered, head to the Benefit Store.

With a pop, retro and glamorous decoration, the Benefit Store perfectly represents the brand : it is a little piece of heaven for us girls. In the heart of Montorgueil in Paris, come discover everything the store has to offer : The eye brow bar, waxing, fake lashes, eye lash coloration, make up classes, and last but not least a self tanning shower! But the difference with this one is that the beauty expert will come and apply the product on you directly for a perfect finish. Book your appointment now : Face + Bust – 15 euros, Half body 19 euros, Full body 29 euros.


Boutique Benefit, 56 rue Tiquetonne 75002, open from monday to saturday from 10 am till 8pm.

Tel : 01 40 13 72 12