Lillith (1)According to Jewish folklore Lilith was Adam’s first wife. Though she is not mentioned in the Torah, over the centuries she became associated with Adam as a way to explain the fact that there are two contradictory versions of Creation in the book of Genesis.

She represents feminine nature, she is not present in the Bible but her story is told in Jewish folkore where she is described as a breathtakingly beautiful character, very sensual  with long red hair and a dark skin.

Before Eve’s creation, it is said that Lilith was created from the same earth as Adam and was therefore equal to him. Because of that rebellious act she was kicked out of Eden by God, whose authority she refused anyway.

Lilith (2)She then would have decided to turn into a snake in order to bring temptation to Eve and get revenge from Adam by getting him kicked out of heaven as well. It is said that her unstoppable horny-ness (you get what I mean) has made her the first demon and from her intercourse with Adam many demons have been born.

True history class right there. You’re welcome.

PS : I don’t know about you but I love this woman!