Jeanine AvantWhat is your natural colour?

Dark brown with the tips Venetian blond (Right photo – Michaël Guichard)

Why become red haired?

I am the ambassador for a jewellery brand (GEXIST) and the photograph offered that I dye my hair red for the advertising campaign.

Which tone of red did you want?

I wanted something believable and natural, because as an actress, if it looks fake it’s harder to work. I went for a kind of Irish red.

(First photo below – Thierry Pradervand)

Jeanine AprèsWhich product did you use?

I went to two different hair specialists who completely messed it up because they were afraid of going too red (one of them hated the red colour and the other one thought red always looked fake… I’ve heard some weird things). I ended up going to a hairdresser who used Majerel (7.4 I think). The end result was great and I never want to change my colour again. I have a very fair skin, my eyelashes are red and I have freckles so it doesn’t look very shocking. And my brother is a ginger; it’s nice to look a bit more like him. And I feel good as a ginger, it corresponds more to who I am.

How do you maintain your colour?

I bring my own products when I go to the hairdresser’s, to avoid them using their own product and changing the colour. I try as much as possible to leave the tips alone so as not to weaken them, I only dye them when they’re really faded. I have noticed that my hair is getting more and more fragile with all these colorations.

Have people’s attitudes towards you changed?

Yes, especially the ones from casting directors, who have put me in roles of women with strong personalities. Before I was always the typical French woman, a bit classy and stylish but not very outgoing. Now I get parts for roles of women who are more out there (extreme sports, a bit crazy…) and of femmes fatales. However I’ve also played a lot of manipulative and evil women. My modelling contracts have boomed now that I’m a ginger, I don’t know if it’s the colour that suits me or just a trend…

Regarding men’s attitudes towards me, there’s not much difference even if I noticed that people look at me more in the streets. Women asked me about my hair colour much more than before and often ask me if it is my natural colour or not. They’re disappointed when I tell them it’s not. Men glance at me in a more discreet way and make fewer comments. I suspect people to think: “she has a strong personality this one” when maybe before they saw me as a shy person.