Hipster : the ginger trend!

During my stay in the Big Apple, I took a little trip to Williamsburg, a popular neighbourhood in Brooklyn… And filled with hipsters! You must have heard the term before, it is the only thing we’ve been talking about lately. After having met hipsters from all different nationalities and with all different hair colours, I thought that this was a trend particularly suited for gingers!

Bitter people will say I am not objective but that won’t stop me from thinking it. If you’d ask me to draw a hipster, I’ll draw him/her with red hair. There. And when you take a close look at what this trend actually is, it’s not such a surprise to think it suits gingers. Let me explain.

97351206_oWhat’s a hipster?

It’s in the 40’s that this term first appeared, to designate jazz lovers. Clothes, slang, cool attitude, sexual choices, and sarcastic humour… The first hipsters were young whites who adopted the lifestyle of urban black people at the time.

Today, being a hipster means hoisting a look that says “I’m different from you, I do not conform to society or to fashion trend”. That’s where the whole dilemma lies: the look and attitude of a hipster should say “I don’t care” while the true goal of a hipster is to get attention. The more attention he gets, the better it is. That’s where you understand the purpose of the red hair!

97351194_oThe perfect Hipster kit

-  Bye bye early stubbles, that’s for the overrated Clooneys. So what else? A beautiful moustache and/or a grizzly beard, very manly!

-  A beautifully shaped body, very muscly. Message: make people believe you never go to the gym that you came out of your mother’s wound looking like this “It’s all natural bitch!”

-  Tattoos everywhere. And the more ridiculous they are the cooler they are. Are you starting to get it?

-  Retro details that go a long way: wool beanies when it’s really hot, little geeky glasses with a thick frame, pre war suspenders, lumberjack shirts, short trousers, no socks, even in winter… Message: make people believe that you didn’t take the time to pick out your outfit this morning when on the contrary every single detail has been thought through…

-  Smoking. But no drugs! Classic cigarettes or rollies, and the must: the old school wooden pipe.

-  Environmentally friendly means of transportation. The hipster hates cars! So he walks, takes public transport or ideally has a Vespa or a retro bicycle.

If you’re a ginger, you now know how to become the King of Hipsters!


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