Freckles : how to sketch or sublimate them?

Freckles: how to sketch or sublimate them?

92774864_oOnly idiots never change their mind we say in French, and it’s impressive how this saying becomes more and more real with time. When I was little, my face was literally covered with freckles and it was the worst burden of my life. So much that one day I ended up, alone in my garden, rubbing morning dew over my face because I had read somewhere that it would make my freckles disappear. Pathetic. Good thing I didn’t go as far as to rub my face with lemon juice. I was never that stupid. Or so I want to believe…

You get it, I hated my freckles! And then I started growing up, and at 16, they magically disappeared! With no goodbye note or anything, they were gone.  Today they come visit me every summer and I have to admit that it makes me quite happy. But don’t panic, even they faded off my face, they have remained in other places: my arms, my shoulders, my knees (my favorites!).

Why is it cool to have freckles?

Because it’s cute and incredibly charming, that’s why. So those of you who are looking for ways to hide them, goodbye ladies, you won’t find any tips here! Once more Mother Nature does as she pleases. Because yes, freckles are not the cole property of gingers. Some gingers don’t even have any, while some brunettes, blonds or metis have them only during the summer or all throughout the year. Like Lucy Liu or Kate Moss.



How to sublimate your freckles?

The tips I will give away here are destined for those of you who have some freckles. On the tip of your nose, the cheekbones or the forehead… You find that your freckles are not visible enough but there’s no way you will give up putting on make up every morning: what is the alternative?

Start by choosing a foundation that is right for you and that is not too covering. Go for liquidly and light textures that will hide imperfections (pores, dark circles, pimples) without looking like a mask. I recommend that you always mix your foundation with a bit of moisturizing lotion. For the color, it depends on your skin and your hair, gingers will go more a golden type of color. Once you’ve picked and applied the right product, use a brown eyebrow pencil, not too sharpened and very dry and rotate the tip of the pencil on the freckles you want to sublimate. Finish with a hint of powder to secure everything!

How to sketch them?

93159180_oYou have a perfect looking, smooth skin and you’d like to had a little something to it by sketching a few freckles here and there? Not a problem. The main goal is to obtain a very natural result otherwise you’ll more like a clown than anything else. Which does happen more often than not, from some of the photos I gathered online… Beware! Freckles are not perfectly round, and neither are they perfectly organized on your face…

Start by applying foundation a little lighter than your skin and grab two different eyebrow pencils. If you want to result to look natural you have to take into account that freckles are never identical. In generalthe shape, size and color vary from one freckle to the other. Some might tend to be a bit more orange while others will be browner. Where should you draw them? On the sides of your nose, your cheekbones and on your forehead, close to your eyebrows. Sharpen your pencils and heat up the tip a little bit in the palm of your hand before you start. Put the tip of the pencil on your skin and do a 360 turn on itself. Keep going all the while making sure you vary the sizes. For an even more natural look, tap on it with your finger, add powder and blush, you’re done!

This technique is the one I find the most simple but you can also check out this video! The girl is using an entirely different tool: her tweezers, smudged in brown lipstick! Quite impressive and the result is amazing! What do you think?

And what to think about the tattoo?


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