Christina Hendricks – Mad Men

Chrisitna Hendricks (2)In this american TV series, she plays Joan Holloway, the office manager for an advertising agency in the 60′s. Christina Hendricks is H-O-T! Whatever she wears, the beautiful ginger with sexy curves does not go unnoticed. To be fair she does have  some strong points : she essentially wears dresses with revealing necklines that show her beautiful milky skinned breasts. A true ginger skin that she refuses to tan. Even though she lives in Los Angeles, she categorically refuses to change her milky ginger skin. Famous for her curves, she proudly defends never having any plastic surgery. Or so she says…

Christina Hendricks (1)SCOOP! In case you hadn’t noticed, red is not Christina’s true hair color. She’s a natural blond and has been dying her hair since she was 10. Good call, in 2010 she was voted “Sexiest woman in the world” by the magazine Esquire. Would she be as sexy as a blonde?

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