Becoming ginger : How to and precautions

You are blonde, brunette, light brown and you’ve decided to take a leap and become ginger? Then this article is meant for you! You’ll find infos on the best ways to dye your hair, how to maintain it (because I feel like you should know that it IS a full time job) and to mentally prepare for it because your everyday life will never be the same again once you make the transition. Still up for it? Let’s go!

What are the best products for your at-home hair dye?

If it is the first time, I’ll advise you to have your dye done by a professional, in a salon. He will help you choose the right color according to your skin tone for the best result possible. But if you’re a bad ass and that your budget is a bit tight, most brands have made significant progress in terms of at-home hair dye.

First there’s the new generation of ready-to-use dyes (meaning no need to mix products together to obtain your color) which are re-useable, even weeks after you open them:

Mousse Absolue from L’Oréal Paris. It’s easy and handy! Recommended tones : Mousse Absolue : cuivré flamboyant (740) ou marron chaud ardent (556) ou auburn sensationnel (654)

To change this moment into an enjoyable one, there’s also Olia from Garnier made 60% out of natural flower oils. No worries to be had, this formula does not get your hair all greasy but does have quite a few upsides like its scent, and its creamy texture. The plus of the oil is that it enables the coloring pigments of the texture to really soak into your hair and deeply impregnate the color into your hair fiber.

The only problem, I think, is that only one tone is useable chatain clair acajou 5.5 to get a natural ginger color, unless you are planning to look like the little mermaid.

For a larger choice, I recommend the brand PhytoColor, with a natural formula, rich in plant pigments. Tones : blond vénitien (8cd), blond foncé cuivre (6c), blond fonce acajou cuivre (6ac), blond doré (7D)

84220729_oWords of advice

Do not try to lighten your natural color

Try to stick to two tones lighter or darker than your natural color but not more

If you’re a brunette, it will be impossible the color-fading phase

Respect the 4 weeks rule between each dye to avoid the need to touch up your roots and the “orange” effect

Maintenance : rince your hair with cold water to re-seal your hair cuticles, use specific colored hair shampoos, protect your hair from UV lights and go all out on moisturizing and repairing products.

Which red do I choose?

If you have a fair skin and light colored eyes you can pretty much try anything. If you have a darker skin you can try redder tones, kind of like Rihanna for example.




To get an idea of all the choices you could make visit the “Les plus belles rouses” page on Facebook by clicking : HERE. The page was created by a real ginger and the photo albums of beautiful (natural or not) gingers is impressive! (je pense que tu peux te passer de cette phrase, j’arrive pas bien à la traduire donc je trouve que ça fait pas clair).

Now that we’ve covered the whole technical part of your transformation, let’s get down to real business.

Go ginger if…

93357018_oYou want to be looked at, even spied on. It is an intriguing hair color and in general, when people spot a ginger they want to see the face that comes along with the hair.

You need to meet someone in a crowded place. You’ll be immediately spotted.

You’re as white as a sheet and every summer you need to explain your incapacity to tan. At least now you’ll have a valid excuse “I’m ginger, I don’t tan. Period”.

You’re too lazy to figure out which accessory will brighten up your outfit every morning. Being ginger is an accessory in itself.

You want to give your face that little extra (trop bizarre cette traduction de phrase)

You’re ready to become a real sex symbol, source of infinite fantasies.

You have enough money to buy yourself a whole new wardrobe (make up included). But that’s not really a problem considering this blog gives you a whole bunch of tips on how to highlight your new hair color (what a great blog!)


You are about to undergo radical changes in your life which you are not prepared for. Weird questions that do not seem shocking to the person asking them will come out of nowhere. I’m of course thinking of THE question, the one and only :

Does the carpet match the drapes?

It must be considered completely normal and respectful because I have been asked that same question at least more than 50 times since I was a little girl. But because I’m nice, I will give you some of my basic answers. Because most of the time people are intrigued by my hair color I respond with a question about THEIR hair :

“Do you tie dye YOUR hair?”


“Of course not, my hairs are black. Black, black, black.”


“What do you mean? I have no hair on my body” (The funniest option)

You are now ready to conquer the world! Welcome to our community!