Axelle Red

My dear gingers, as I announced on the Facebook page, it is my pleasure to bring to you an exclusive interview of Axelle Red, the iconic red-haired french singer. As some of you might already know I am a beauty journalist at french magazine “La Parisienne” which enables mes to tell you about the best new cosmetic products and sometimes to meet wonderful people.

94577451_oThis week I spent a week in Brussels to attend the opening of Maasmechelen’s Village Valley, a large shopping mall of discounted luxury brands and who’s represented by Axelle Red. As expected I was not the only journalist to have been invited to the event and I started getting really scared that I would not be able to talk to her. But like a sign of faith I was sat next to her for lunch!

The singer has kept her beautiful red hair which she is famous for and her deep blue eyes truly make her irresistible. She is passionate when she talks as she eats pepper toasts (that did NOT look good). As she obviously does not expect me to question her on her hair, I patiently wait through the starter and main dish, and ask her about her a role as representative of the Village Valley and her recent job as jury on The Voice Belgium. She says she is very close to her candidates and that it breaks her heart at every elimination. She talks about her albums, her “babies” as she calls them, and about how much passion she puts in each one of them. Then comes dessert and I decide to go for it :

“Axelle, you’re a ginger, I’m a ginger. Should we talk about that?” “Sure!”

How old were you when you dyed your hair red the first time?

I was 21 but I always had that color in me. I was so annoyed, wanting to tan every summer and all I got was sunburns. When I’d come back from holidays everyone would pick on me, pointing out how white I was. Since then I found the solution and became ginger!

So RED is only a stage name?

Yes of course! I was looking for one and RED just seemed really obvious. Red is a very symbolical color for me. It represents passion, strength and blood, so life and death. It’s impossible to be weak when you’re ginger. You have to have a strong personality. That’s how I am, I put my whole into everything I do. My hair color explains who I am even before I start speaking.

Is it the color you’re gonna stick to forever?

I went back to black hair 3 or 4 years ago for one of my albums, a very realistic one in which I sang about dark themes, such as sexual abuse. I was looking for the truth and I needed to be a bit more down to earth. But my audience and the people around me took it as a treason.


Has men’s way of looking at you changed?

Yes. Men find red hair sexy. I feel special.

It’s been said that gingers are witches. Are you one?

We should bring back witchery! And considering my views [she is a passionate feminist] I wouldn’t have needed to be a witch to be burnt in the Middle Ages!

Which colors do you wear to best highlight your hair?

Everything expect for brown which gives me a faded and sad look. I love black, salmon and skin color.

What is the most common reaction people have regarding your hair?

It would be disappointment when they learn that it is actually not my natural color. But I live like a true ginger, I do everything I can not to tan today. I love being white and I wear a hat as soon as I spot one ray of sun.

Do you feel ginger?

It is MY color! The day I changed to ginger I thought : “Ha! I just found myself!”. My original color was an error from Mother Nature, I should have been born ginger.