SAMSUNGWhat is your natural colour? Brunette.

Why did you want to become red haired? Ever since I was little I find this color beautiful. I was always a big fan of the ginger heroes in cartoons. And because my hair is naturally curly and my skin light, I wanted to try it.

Which product did you choose for your transformation ? 

After a slight discoloration two years ago, I tried out a few different tones before finding the right one. I went for a bio brand; I don’t remember the name of it… I made a mix between the 7.44 and the 7.45

Axelle Après 2How do you maintain your red colour?

I use Gouiran oil to have silky hair and to highlight my colour. I always used a tinted product when the colour starts fading, every 4 weeks or so.

Have people’s attitudes towards you changed?

Yes a lot actually. People who meet me for the first time as a ginger thing it’s my natural colour. More people fancy me and I feel more confident, people sense that!