Ariel, the little mermaid (Disney, 1989)

For her flamboyant hair she was my favorite Disney character when I was a little girl.

89396183_pThe story: Last daughter of King Triton, Ariel is fascinated by the human world and dreams only of one thing : to swap her fish tail for a pair of legs. She meets Prince Eric who she falls in love with when she sees him on a boat and saves him from drowning. She then decides to make a pact with the evil Ursula: the witch turns her into a human in exchange for her voice. Ariel then has three days to get the Prince to kiss her, and if she fails then Ursula will rule the Kingdom of the Sea.

Did you know that:

In Greek mythology, the god of the Seas is called Poseidon and Triton is one of his sons.

The character of Ariel was inspired by the body features of Alyssa Milano.

When Triton first appears in the film, if you watch closely you can spot Mickey, Donald and Dingo in the crowd.

ArielIf, like in all Disney movies, the story ends on a happy note and a couple that lived happily ever after, the true Andersen tale, which the Disney movie was inspired from is quite… different : instead of taking Ariel’s voice away, Ursula actually cuts out her tongue! And if she does not get her prince to kiss her then she’ll be doomed to dissolve in water. Unfortunately the Prince falls in love with another girl and marries her. The poor Ariel is given a magic knife by her sisters that will enable her, if he manages to kill the Prince, to become a mermaid again. Unable to do such thing, she  chooses to throw herself in the sea and disappear. She then becomes a spirit whose mission is to look after men at sea.

Moral of the story : you should never try to change who you truly are. MEANING : true red haired girls should not dye their hair. That is what Disney truly meant right?